Manufacturing us Sorbents characterized by a quality condition, ether ether and sulfur oxides SO2, which are formed in the processes of hard coal through lignite. Proposed hazard flue gas desulphurization (FGD) installations on a regular basis. Absorption and adsorption processes are used, usually a chemical reaction. Many. into 3 classes, everything from how to proceed with the assurance produced in the desulphurization plant. Stand out with methods

waste – in which SO2 reaction products with an absorbent or adsorbent are stored e.g. in workings or discharged into the environment (e.g. to the sea),
semi-waste – in neighboring environmental services that can be used or stored, during storage that could not be avoided,
waste-free – in which sorbents are regenerated and returned to the process, recovered, carbon dioxide, subjected to a filter on products, e.g. sulfur elemental sulfur).