Jurak Plus

We have developed a new line of Jurak Plus budget fertilizers to complement the offer – a combination of a relatively low price commensurate with the quality of the product.

As in the case of many other products, also in fertilizers, we can divide the quality of fertilizers in terms of Premium and Budget.

In order to maintain the leading position among calcium fertilizers, we have created Jurak Plus with a relatively lower reactivity, at least 50%, and a neutralization number of about 41%.
Jurak Plus is made according to proven technologies, but it is not the full production cycle that is used in the production of Jurak Premium, hence the quality and price differences.

As a budget fertilizer, the main goal of this product is to provide the consumer with a relatively good value for money

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Calcium carbonate CaCo3
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The neutralization number
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The benefits of liming

Equalizes the appropriate pH of the soil

It maintains the absorption of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and trace elements

It protects plants against fungal diseases

Ensures good condition of the root mass

It improves the circulation of nitrogen and sulfur, providing plants with these ingredients

It protects plants to a greater extent against plant drying and frost