At the outset, we would like to assure you that you are dealing with products of the highest quality, created in modern production processes, and characterized by the lowest market price. Congratulations on your choice and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and recommendations for the use of our fertilizers. What are calcium fertilizers and what are they used for? The main task of using calcium fertilizers is deacidification of the soil, bringing its pH to the optimal level for the cultivated plants. Most of the soils in Poland, as much as 70%, require de-acidification. The high level of acidity in most soils in Poland results from the natural loss of calcium from the soil through its collection with the crop, washing out, acid rain and the use of mineral fertilizers. Acidification of soils causes low productivity and, above all, reduction of nutrient availability by crops and soil degradation, which leads to a significant reduction in yields and severely limits the possibilities of cultivating land.
It is estimated that in Poland about 60-70% of arable land belongs to acidic soils. The acidic reaction of the substrate prevents effective cultivation by limiting the uptake of nutrients by plants. Like no one else, we realize that we need to counteract such processes. By using granulated lime quickly and effectively you can improve the pH of the soil and keep it at the correct level. Calcium allows plants to create the right conditions for the development and absorption of necessary nutrients. This translates into an improvement in yield, and thus an increase in the profitability of crops. In case of questions or doubts, our staff provides professional advice. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the specification of our products and familiarize yourself with the offer contained on the website