About us

onasPolska Grupa Nawozowa is a relatively young company on the Polish fertilizer producer scene. We initiated our first market activities under the name of PGN in 2013. It was a conscious decision and supported by several years of researching the European markets and the preferences of the Polish recipient. Our marketing policy and company development plans are based on a careful analysis of our capabilities and market expectations.

The dynamic increase in the sales rate of our products, as well as positive opinions of users confirm our belief in proper targeting of commercial activities. In our current offer, we present four types of calcium fertilizers selected as a result of careful and selective quality control. The presented products in every respect meet the quality and technical requirements – dictated by consumers.

Developed in every detail and according to the suggestions of our technologists, they constitute a unique range of calcium fertilizers with the highest parameters, prepared especially for you. developing a new, credible and recognizable brand. We put the quality and efficiency of our fertilizers first, these are the features that increase your confidence in PGN. We are constantly probing your opinions and suggestions to enrich and modify our offer.

According to the adopted program line, we want to build a brand of fertilizers with which you will identify in every area of ​​its presence on the Polish market. Polska Grupa Nawozowa is a company established to meet your highest quality and price expectations. The PGN brand is a guarantee of complete satisfaction. I invite you to our points of sale and congratulations on choosing the brand.