Agro- As quarterly

17-07-2020 8:08

We present to you the Agro- As quarterly in which Polska Grupa Nawozowa was the author of an article on calcium fertilization, we invite you to

SULKALK sulphate - calcium

30-04-2020 8:08

Available in packages: Big-Bag 600 kg and 25 kg sack, 1250 kg pallet


31-01-2020 8:08

You can’t buy favorable weather, but you can
buy JURAK PREMIUM calcium fertilizer

it comes out the same

A new line of fertilizers

25-11-2019 8:08

We have developed a new line of Jurak Plus budget fertilizers to complement the offer – a combination of a relatively low price commensurate with the quality of the product.


06-03-2018 13:01

We would like to thank everyone for the training sessions on which we could share our knowledge and experience …